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What is Exit Offers™

It’s an advertising distribution network delivering targeted offers and messages directly to your brands' consumers and even your competitor's consumers, all in real-time at the point-of-sale. Instead of solely relying on static, mass-market advertising programs with hopes of reaching your target audience, you can now communicate directly with that target audience at the exact moment they buy.

What do you mean by “targeted offers and messages”?

Exit Offers™ provides many different ways to target your consumers with offers that range from coupons and advertisements, to mail-in rebates, to invitations to visit a web site where they can participate in a web promotion and you can capture their contact information. The extensive targeting options include geographic by zip code or region, product specific by bar code or brand, product category, payment type, lifestyle or shopping cart size. The options are endless.

What is the lead time needed to get my promotion started?

Exit Offers™ is very nimble. Once you've decided on the offer and creative you’d like to present to
your consumers, the Exit Offer can begin distribution throughout the network in less than 90 minutes. We’ll provide you with on-going reporting on the success of your promotion. And if at any time you’d like to tweak your campaign, it’s only minutes before the changes take effect, making it easy to test your targeted messages.

Can I see a sample?

Certainly.  This first sample demonstrates the perfect way to bridge social media campaigns with
the off-line world. Exit Offers™ allows you to increase your social circles by adding more circles
from the offline world. We learned of this Pepsi campaign in a business column and never saw it as
a consumer. If presented at checkout, consumers not being reached online, will be drawn offline.

This following sample resulted in an almost 1,000% increase
in Lotto sales for one very happy store owner.

And this sample allows Matt Brewing, brewers of Saranac Beer, to advertise their Earth Day campaign. The only other way to find out about this campaign was to sign up for their newsletter
or discover it on their site. The offer increases product awareness while Matt Brewing does its part
for the earth - a win-win.

There is so much buzz about mobile coupons. How does Exit Offers™ compare?

The technology behind mobile coupons is fascinating. We’re talking “007” cool. You can deliver your coupon directly to the smart phone of consumers... although, they're not necessarily your target consumers, but they are consumers... who happen to have smart phones running the application needed to receive the coupon... and are in the vicinity of where the coupon gets delivered. Hmmm...

Exit Offers™ delivers your message directly to the consumers you want to target, eliminating guesswork by identifying and qualifying them based on what they've just purchased. It puts your
brand directly into the palm of your target consumer's hand!

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