"With Exit Offers, we can reward the customers who actually
buy from us on a regular basis.  They really appreciate
it and we build customer loyalty at the same time."


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Connecting Your Brand Directly to Your Target Audience


When it comes to reaching consumers, we know it's a complicated and costly endeavor to get your message into the hands of your target audience.  Exit Offers™ is an advertising distribution network that delivers custom offers and messages directly to your loyal consumers and your competitor's consumers, all in real-time.  Instead of solely relying on static, mass-market advertising programs with the hope of reaching your target audience, you can now communicate directly with consumers.

Our approach is simple and direct. There are no magical, proprietary formulas that try to match your products with some past purchase patterns as  past purchases do not necessarily indicate current purchase patterns. We focus on the here and now - no smoke and mirrors - no fancy algorithms - no paralyzing analytics.

Exit Offers™ will drive consumer behavior with custom offers that:

  • Build direct relationships with consumers

  • Promote your social media and online campaigns

  • Increase product recognition

  • Bridge your online and offline campaigns

  • Improve product launch results

  • Increase volume during each shopping visit

  • Take sales away from your competition

  • Increase purchase frequency

Your Next Step to Driving Consumer Behavior:

Read the FAQ for a quick overview and the Brand Owners Media Kit for more detailed information about Exit Offers™. Then contact us to see how Exit Offers™ delivers targeted consumers at retail stores with low risk and high ROI.



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