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What is Exit Offers™

It’s an advertising distribution network that provides direct communication with
customers at the point-of-sale.  It builds Customer Loyalty, increases Purchase Frequency and Purchase Amounts during each visit.

Will Exit Offers™ interfere with my point-of-sale system?

No!  Exit Offers™ was designed to run completely independent of your point-of-sale system.
It’s a tiny little program running in your system tray. You won’t even know it's there.

What is my cost of investment in time and equipment?

Nothing!  Exit Offers™ only requires your high speed Internet connection
and the use of your thermal receipt printer or other graphics enabled receipt printer.
And Exit Offers™ actually PAYS YOU for each offer printed.

Can I see a sample?

Certainly.  The sample shown below resulted in an almost 1,000% increase
in Lotto sales for one very happy store owner.


What’s the catch?

There is none. With Exit Offers™ you get free software with the unique benefits of:

  • Improving your customer loyalty

  • Increasing the amount of money spent during each shopping visit

  • Increasing the frequency of your customers' visits

  • Legitimizing your store to give you the appearance of one of the big retailers

And if that weren’t enough, you will be paid for each offer printed at your store!

Your Next Step to Driving Customer Behavior:

 Contact us to start increasing your bottom line with Exit Offers™.



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